About Us

MessagesfromtheAngels.com is a member of Heart Inspired Presentations' Internet family. Other family members include: TakingABreather.com (a relaxing Flash movie for stress management), OrderingFromTheCosmicKitchen.com (a unique Flash movie of positive affirmations), and Heartinspired.com, home and hearth for the family.

We are holding a vision of a world at peace. A world where people of all cultures and belief systems co-exist and co-create from the diversity of their personal truths, towards the unity of a common truth. We see a world where differences are welcomed as opportunity for exploration and discovery of new points of view. We see the world as a musical score with each unique note joining the chorus, fully and completely with all of its richness, in a beautiful symphony of harmony, love and peace.

Our mission: Inspire millions of people across the planet to a higher level of thinking about who they are, what they’ve got, and how to more fully present themselves to the world.

Patricia Crane, Ph.D. and partner Rick Nichols are the creators of Heart Inspired Presentations and the Heart Inspired Internet family. Through seminars, workshops keynotes, books, CDs and Internet programs they have helped many thousands of people around the world to break the restraints of past conditioning to live fuller, happier, more productive lives.

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Trudy Griswold and sister Barbara Mark, authors of the widely acclaimed book Angelspeake, have been on a remarkable journey since 1995 when angels began delivering messages and guidance to a troubled world through them. They have been very generous in sharing the messages in the Flash movie with us.

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Karen M. Haughey is an award winning artist, published poet, and designer whose angel paintings are the beautiful backdrops for our angel messages. Her work has been shown in private and corporate collections, and numerous galleries throughout the United States, Europe, and Australia.

Due to the unique quality and derivation of her work, Karen’s angel art has been seen on television, book and magazine covers, and she has been interviewed on nationally broadcast radio programs.

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Randall Leonard composed, produced and preformed the truly angelic music accompanying our angel messages. Randall made his transition into Spirit in 2002 after a long experience of AIDS. We are grateful to his family for allowing us to use his music in the production of this movie.

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