Karen’s Gallery List

Below is a list of Galleries Karen’s art has been shown in:

Gallery presentations and One Woman Shows 1988-2003

Angels and Us, Portland
Christopher Bell Gallery, Pacific Grove, Ca.
Sea Fantasy Gallery, Monterey, Ca.
Picasso and I, Danville, Ca.
Michael Grow Gallery, San Leandro, Ca.
Penfield Fine Arts, San Ramon, Ca.
Angel De Las Flores Gallery, Los Gatos, Ca.
Tesori Gallery, San Mateo, Ca.
Four Eagles, Niles, Ca.
Laura Larkin Gallery, Del Mar, Ca.
San Ramon Marriott Hotel, San Ramon, Ca.
An Angel's Haven Gallery, South Lake Tahoe
Olive Hyde Gallery, Fremont, Ca.
Thompson Gallery, Livermore, Ca.
Presence of Angels, Minneapolis, Mn.
Ronjeau Gallery, Natick, Mass.
Elemental Art Gallery, Los Gatos, Ca.
The Gift Gallery, Fremont, Ca.
Private Showing, home of Louise L. Hay, San Diego,Ca.