We are grateful to the multi talented Zannah for allowing us to use the image of her angel in our flash movie and on our web site. Zannah's angel is the one pictured at the top of all our pages.

Training men and women worldwide in body, mind and spiritual fitness for over 25 years, Zannah’s holds degrees in Dance, Physical Education, and Public Education. Her amazing diversity of life experience range from, professional modern and ballet repertoire dancer, to Area Training Director for The Fitness Institute, and Director of Health Services Development for Samaritan Hospitals.

She is also a published author and television/radio talk show hostess.

Below is the lovely poem Zannah created for Karen Haughey as a thank you for painting her Angel.

“You are flawless in the eyes of
love, Exquisite to behold
with ailerons of liberation,
a brilliance to unfold
Each tier of pastel wonder drifts
into its sibling layer
Mankind’s own complexion a universal prayer
He sings to all that listens,
Her dance is for the blind
Its flight will leave you breathless,
Living inside the spirit’s mind
The angel comes in slumber,
a passenger in your car
Leaving words upon the parchment marked with
postage from afar
Hear the purr among the Laughter,
Touch the rose
without the thorn
Embrace this rainbow of heaven
while another miracle is born….”

By Zannah

To learn more about Zannah and her work visit the sites below.

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